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The Eastern Palm University (EPU) is a University established by law (Imo State of Nigeria Law No. 13 of 2016). It was licensed by the NUC (National Universities Commission) in 2016. The university aims to be a world class university anchored on excellence and research needs of all relevant persons, irrespective of gender, nationality, religion or political conviction. The University is structured as a Public/Private Partnership (PPP) model of university.

The Eastern Palm University (EPU) plans to offer unique university education that equips students with contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge that will assist in solving problems of the society.

In addition to meeting the regulatory requirements of the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria and other nation and international accreditation bodies, Eastern Palm University will adhere to global best practices in university education, and its practices will be anchored on excellence, relevance and character.

The EPU will expose its students to courses in physical sciences, biological sciences, social sciences, management sciences, entrepreneurship, industrial experience, public speaking, community services and the use of technology, among others. Eastern Palm University will engage in excellent teaching, research and community services activities that help to understand and sole where possible, the many problems confronting our country and world.


To nurture and sustain the culture of best practices in teaching and learning methods, research and demonstration, skill and technological innovation in order to produce job creators for the global economy.


We believe the intent and processes of education should be geared towards making students ready for life in general and be able to make notable contributions to the economy and the world at large.


We are committed to providing unparalleled learning conditions and worthwhile services that would be of immense value to individuals across different disciplines.


We promise to deliver outstanding teaching models and practices that will prepare individuals to be well-versed and equipped to solve problems and change the world.


We offer a wide range of high quality teaching and academic excellence


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