DURATION (Weeks)FEES (exclusive of all taxes) in NAIRA
EPU-M001-Comparative industrial relationsOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M002-Industrial relations in NigeriaOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M003-Conflict and disputes managementOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M004-Human resource management and TQMOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M005-Management and leadership skills developmentOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M006-Communication skills developmentOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M007-Effective labour-management relationsOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M008-Leadership and succession managementOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M009-Stress and time managementOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M010-Negotiating skillsOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M011-Collective bargaining and employee relationsOne - Two40,000 – 200,000
EPU-M012-Computer-based financial accountingOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M013-Financial managementOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M014-Payroll and compensation management SolutionsOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M015-Restructuring and organization development solutionsOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M016-Conducting meetings effectivelyOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M017-Managing diversityOne - Two40,000–200,000
EPU-M018-Executive retreatOne - Two40,000–200,000

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